Do you have any Questions?

During our office hours you can reach us by phone (+41 52 202 33 33) or by e-mail
( Please look at our list of questions. Maybe you will find there some answer

What I need to rent a car?

The main driver must have a valid driver license and an instrument of payment for paying the guarantee deposit.

How much is the guarantee deposit?

We need the rental price plus CHF 300.- depot.

Why I have to pay caution money?

The caution gave us a security, in case of an accident respectively damage at our cars. The own risk is CHF 300.-.

What are the preferred means of payment?

You can pay cash (swiss franc),by Maestro EC- or Postcard. Paying by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) is also possible.

Can I rent a car without Swiss residence

Customers from abroad can rent a car. They have to pay the guarantee deposit by credit card. In this case we do not accept cash or debit card payments

What is the minimum age to rent a car?

You have to be 20 years old and have your driver license minimum one year

How old I have to be to rent a FUN Category Car? (Porsche, Cadillac)

You have to be 25 years old and have your driver license minimum three years.

Which cars can I drive with the driving licence category B

You can drive all cars up to 9 seats or with a total weight of 3.5t.

Can I drive with the driving licence category B more than 9 seater?

No, is not allowed. For busses with more than 9 seats you must have the category D1 or D2.

Are there any additional charges to pay

All prices are inclusive charges. The fuel is exclusive.

Do you have to pay for additional drivers

We charge CHF 5.-/daily additional cost for on or more additional drivers.

Can I rent a car outside your office hours

It is possible to pick up a car outside the office hours. We have a digital key safe box.
However, first you have to sign the contract and pay the guarantee security (during the office hours).

How I get my deposit back?

During the office hours we will give it back in cash. A transfer of the money to your bank account is also possible.

Is it allowed to drive outside of Switzerland

It is allowed to drive in EU-countries or European islands. Please inform us when you intend to drive abroad.

Is it allowed to drive to the east European countries?

It is allowed to drive to the east European countries. It is obligatory to take out an additional insurance. The own risk by theft reduce in this case to CHF 1000.-. The insurance costs between CHF 10.- and CHF 30.- per day (depending on the vehicle category).

Are there special regulations for travel abroad?

Individual EU-countries have different laws for car equipment. You as car renter are responsible to know these regulations to fulfill it.

Should I refueling the tank when I bring the car back?

We provide to refuel for you to the current fuel prices and without additional charges.

how about the vehicle insurance?

liability insurance CHF 500.- (damage at other vehicles or objects), comprehensive insurance CHF 500.- (damage at our vehicles)

Please note that

It is not allow driving on race course, to tow another car, to do driving tests or to rent the car to another person. Please ask for permission.
The renter of the car has to pay for damages on the front shield, car tires, under-floor, car key and rims if he drives careless or incorrect.

Vehicle handover

With pleasure we take a few minutes to explain you the car. In the same time we will check it and give you some tips.

What I have to do when I have an accident or breakdown with the car?

(till 150km from Mietauto) Please contact us as soon as possible. During the office hours +41 52 202 33 33, outside the office hours +41 52 505 33 34.

What I have to do when I have an accident or breakdown with the car?

(after more than 150km from Mietauto/in a foreign country) Please call our insurance AXA Intertours Winterthur on number 0844 802 08 24
(24 hours reachable). Our insurance policy number is 14.154.624.

What I should do in addition in an accident?

Please fill out a damage report. Depending on the situation you have to call the Police (117). If you do not inform us about the damage you are subsidiary liable.

What I have to do when the vehicle has a technical fault/breakdown?

If is not your own fault we will pay the repair, but first please confer with us.

What type of equipments do you have?


  • clamping set
  • blancket
  • wear belts
  • Palett loader
  • sack barrow
  • automatical sack barrow
  • dollies
  • skibox
  • refrigerator box
  • child car seat
  • bicycle rack
  • wheelchair ramp/motor-bike ramp
  • trailer
  • car trailer
  • navigation system


Do you also provide Limousine-/Busservice with driver?

You can book your vehicles also with driver. For more information please contact us.

Is it possible that someone else picks up the car for me?

Yes, that is possible. We will register you as renter and the person who pick up the car as a driver.

Do you also sell your vehicles?

Yes we do. On our website (vehicle reselling) you will find a list with vehicles which are for sale. For more information please contact us.

My rental is finished, now I have a question respectively a note

Please contact us by phone, write us an email or visit us in our office. You can also write a comment at our social media sites.